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Our Offering Structure


  • Xero Accounting Software

  • All Tax Submissions
  • Online Payroll
  • Phone Support
  • Tax Reminders
  • Year-End Financial Statements


  • All Core Options +

  • Strategy development
  • Business development
  • Ad Hoc Business Support
  • Tax structuring
  • Tax Planning and Risk analysis

As a professional services company we aim to deliver great services as and when they are needed.

We Offer The Following Services

New Company Setup

When you have a great idea for a new business, we can handle all the necessary administration to get your company registered.

From the initial decisions around shareholding, to the directors and the registered address we assist you with the entire process to get your company setup with CIPC.

After that we will ensure that you are registered with SARS and have all the relevant taxation numbers to get business going.



Gone are the days of managing your business through an Excel Spreadsheet or an accounting program that only one person can access.

Accounting in the cloud allows you to manage your business simply and easily from any internet access point. From a tablet, Smartphone or PC you can access your accounting records wherever you are. This allows for multiple people in the organisation to access the same information from anywhere in the world.

Iridium Business Solutions is a Gold Partner and Certified Advisor for Xero Accounting (a World leading Cloud Accounting package) and through our partnership, we can bring leading technologies to your business. We can access your data remotely, discuss matters via Skype or the phone, update records and finalise management accounts with the click of a button.

SARS and Tax Planning


When it comes to dealing with tax matters, it can get really complicated for a small and large business owners. As soon as you have registered your new business the following taxes would be applicable: Income Tax and Provisional Tax. As a director of a new business, who no longer receives a salary, you would also be registered as a provisional taxpayer.

When starting out, you will have the option of registering for VAT, however, once your turnover reaches R1 million in a 12 month period, it is compulsory for you to register for VAT.

At this point, it is likely that you will be hiring staff members to assist in your growing business, which means that you are an employer and liable to register for PAYE and UIF and possibly SDL.

All these taxes have requirements and processes that need to be followed – this is where we are able to step in and manage it all for you.

Personal Financial Planning

Financial Planning

In order to plan for your family’s future, you need to manage your finances effectively. We will review your budgets and make decisions together that will allow you to effectively and clearly plan your finances.

Through our partnership with a brokerage, we can offer you products from companies such as Liberty, Momentum, Discovery, Old Mutual and PPS. With these business relationships, we can offer you risk products such as Life Cover and Sickness/Disability, Medium Term Investments such as Unit Trusts and Endowment Policies and Long-Term Investments such as Pension and RA’s. With all of these we can ensure that you are completely covered.

Don’t delay planning for your financial security, let’s start planning for a happy future.

Business Strategy

Making the correct decisions at the right time are critical for business success.

Often as the owner of a business, you understand what your industry is about and what you want to achieve but need some support to get there.

We are able to leverage our cross-industry experience to add value to your business and aid in the decision-making process.



We aim to deliver Quality Service over the best available technology.


We like to think that we can apply our minds to any challenges that your business may have and we welcome your queries.


Going completely into the cloud for your accounting, payroll and file management has been made possible with programs such as Xero, Simplepay and Dropbox.